How can 2 cream legbars make a White legbar??


Nov 4, 2017
I was given 5 eggs from a lady who only had small flock of cream legbars. 1 was a dud, 1 got stuck in egg, 3 hatched well. 2 males, 1 female. One of the males is a white legbar. How is this possible? Thanks!
White in legbars is recessive white. It takes getting the gene from both parents to be white.
One copy of recessive white goes site unseen and the bird looks like a standard legbar.
Apparently that rooster and at least one of the hens are carrying the recessive white and the chick happen to inherit it from both parents.
How do you know its male?
I guess we arent sure its male. Its 6 days old. would some good pics help?
(before we give it away!!) If its a hen i think it would be kept.
What types of pics would help?
We'll be happy to see any chick pics.
I've hatched whites before and could never tell sex is why I asked.
I'd keep it at least tell there's no doubt its a rooster.
If it ends up a hen and you breed it back to the father you should get some more.
Back when I was hatching them I gave them away since they defeat the whole auto sexing that the breeds known for.
Now days people are selling them for fat cash.

Here they are!!!
I think she sold him, so its sort of a moot point, but Im curious of your thoughts!
The little pullet we will pick up tomorrow. (she hatched them for me).
So excited!

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