How can I conveince my mom to....

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    How can I conveince my mom to let me keep the baby chicks inside? We are getting 15 baby chicks in March May or April... We have no other place to keep the baby chicks. We have ordered chicks before and kept them inside in my room, and it was not that big of a mess. (We had 27 then) She is acting like they are such a big mess. I am not saying they aren't but I took very good care of them last year when we got em', and they were not horrible like she is acting. There is no other place to put them, and them be safe. What could I tell/explain to her to let us keep them in the house.
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    Mar 17, 2008
    Personally, I'm not a fan of raising chicks in the house - so much dust! I'm not crazy about the smell and poop spots on the carpet from escapees, either.

    I raise mine down at the (unheated) barn even in the dead of winter. This is the safe set-up that works for me. I use a large all-wire rabbit cage and line the sides with cardboard to keep out drafts. I stuff the bottom with hay for them to keep warm (shavings fall out) and I put the heat lamp on top of the cage. I hang the cage from the wall of the barn high enough to keep it safe from predators and the heavy-duty wire keeps them safe from predators, too. They stay warm and toasty and I don't have to deal with the mess from brooding indoors.
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    Ok, so I talked to her a little more and she is definatly growing on the idea! [​IMG] Looks like I might have a [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] chickie party in my room!
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    I don't know how old you are, but if you work or get an allowance... tell her you'll clean up after them and keep up your end of the deal always! Also, if you do get an allowance promise to pay up for any damages or food or something. BUT, you must keep up with your end of the deal if you make one, otherwise future chicks are going to be unattainable.
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    I am a teen...I dont get paid allowance. And worst is my parents don't really like animals! [​IMG] I love them...anyways I get up at five am to take care of them when I have school so I will have time to take care of them and still be able to get ready. Also I have paid for everything in my chicken advebture. [​IMG] Personally, I think I'm doing pretty good. [​IMG]

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