How can i Train my adult guineas to coop night


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Aug 4, 2016
Can anyone help me and tell how I can train my adult guineafowl to coop at night.I have confined them in coop for five months.
As a proud owner of guineas for about 3 months, I'm probably the last person on this thread to ask but I know what works for me. For whatever reason my guineas are pretty tame - not tame enough to grab but they aren't afraid of me either. So when I go out to put up the chickens my guineas just follow me. I walk them to their coop (an old turkey coop) and they march single file in. A handful of scratch I toss in ahead of them doesn't seem to hurt. If it too far on to dusk when I go out there they are likely up in a tree above the coop and there's no getting them down then. But they seem pretty safe up there. Anyway, that's what I do. Maybe it just got to be routine for them?
Thanks but I have and the question.My female guineafowl eat her own egg what I can d to stop her.
Take one of her eggs and blow it out and fill it with mustard. That should stop her from eatting the eggs.
.What I can do to stop her.Is there any other method except filling mustard in egg

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Take 3 or 4 regular eggs you buy at the store. Poke a hole in each end and blow them out. Get some of that squirt mustard and squirt in the hole where you blew out the eggs. If your guinea is laying in a nest put them there or where ever she can get to them. If she eats the mustard that should break her from eatting her eggs. I am trying to help you.

What other questions do you have? I am not that experienced with guineas but I will try and answer your questions.
thank you Sun click on the above link and it will give you more tips to try. Good luck

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