How can people say "quaranteed fertilized"?

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    Apr 16, 2009
    I was wondering how people can say "guaranteed fertilized"? Do they look at them some how? Or is it just the ratio of roosters to hen? Would it be better for me to have two pens with one rooster and 8 hens in each or one bigger pen with 2 roosters and 16 hens?Which would be better if I wanted fertilized eggs? Thanks!
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    I don't know for sure, but I'll take a guess.
    When I crack my eggs open for eating I always check the blastoderm to see if they're fertile. If every egg I crack is fertile then it's a pretty good guess that whatever goes into my incubator is also fertile. Also, since it only takes one mating for eggs to be fertile for a couple of weeks, someone would not have to check eggs from individual hens every day to check fertility. If an egg from a particular hen is fertile one day, it's a pretty safe bet that they'll be fertile a few days from then.
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    In absolute terms - they can't. Not every egg from a hen in with a rooster IS fertile. Most sure. All? No. Should be MOSTLY if the pair are themselves fertile. But nature does not allow for absolutes.

    It's actually something I look for when buying eggs. People who "guarantee" the impossible are generally wool pulling to some degree or another. If that means they WILL replace any eggs that don't start to develop then fine.

    If it says it was "candled fertile" then it's a lie, since you can't candle an undeveloped egg for fertility.

    Sometimes they copy other people's ad examples without actually knowing what it is they are talking about.

    That happens a LOT.

    I've had people tell me all their chicks, from their SQ eggs will be show quality... ummm NOT.

    Sometimes it's poor wording.
    Some of the time it's ignorance.
    Some of the time it's deceit.

    You kind of have to figure that nature isn't offering any guarantees and CHECK what they mean by "guaranteed fertile", if that's sending more eggs if the ones they sent don't go at all - then that's fair.

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