How can you find good homes for goats?

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    My mother & I are building a coop & run for 5 sex link chickens. We're gradually transitioning to homesteading & we're vegetarian so the thought of knowing our eggs come from healthy & loved chickens is what we love most about it. But we're also wanting to have our own supply of milk & other dairy products but we don't have the room or money for a dairy cow right now so I read that goats are great for a backyard homesteader. Our only concern right now is what to do with the kids once they get older?? I read that getting 2 goats, at least, is better than 1 so we would get 2 initial goats but probably a doe & a wether since we're not wanting to start breeding goats but just have some milk, etc for 2 people & 1 doe would be sufficient & this way we'd get to have a girl & a boy.

    But back to our concern. Do you guys have any tips for finding good pet homes for goats? We will not sell them for meat/to a home that will kill them for meat. I found this site called Fiasco Farms & they're vegetarians as well & sell to pet homes only but they took away their email address due to an overload of questions so I have no way of contacting them to ask them what they do.

    Thanks guys! Also, we're thinking about getting Lamanchas but do you guys have recommendations for first time breeds that produce a good supply of milk but are also friendly & loving and where we should go (whether online or by foot) to get the goats? We live in Alabama.

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    La Mancha's are a very sweet breed of goat. They were my first and I would have them again, they were so sweet. I have Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmies now and because of their size, I find them easier to sell as pets or breeding stock than the larger breeds, but the La Mancha is a medium, so it shouldn't be too difficult to sell either.
    Main tips for selling for pets, is wether the bucklings, and poll both genders. Handle them a lot and have good coloring in them since plain goats don't sell as well. People want something unique - at least around here [​IMG]
    I also put up my ad within a few weeks of them being born so people can plan ahead and they (and I) can ask lots of questions before the kids are actually sold.

    For buying, you can always google breeders in your area, or check around CL, just make sure you know what questions to ask and what you're looking at/for before you buy, whether it's a reg. breeder or not.
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    Alpines are a wonderful dairy breed! They produce a large amount of milk, are a smaller breed, and are very colorful which makes them very popular for pets, at least in my area that is!
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    You just need to ask the potential buyers the right questions. Make sure their home and situation is appropriate for goats. It will be a pain, to weed out the buyers who aren't the best for your animals, but better for them in the long run.

    On The Goat Spot, there is a person who actually gives potential buyers a sort of quiz. I'm not sure the contents, but it probably helps determine if an interested person would take good care of the animals. And those not willing to fill it out, obviously weren't good prospects in the first place.

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