How can you tell how long a broody hen will stay on her eggs?


12 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Portland, OR
My BA is a first time broody and she has eggs of many diffrent stages. My question is how long will she stay on her eggs before giving up? Is there any way to tell how pateint she will be? Here is some info about her if it helps-She is sweet and shy but if a hen that is "below" her trys to get in the nestbox with her, all hell breaks loose on the poor girls head. She is very tame and trusts me enough to let me take the eggs from under her without pecking me. She does make chuckling noised while I take them though. She also lets off what I think is a warning call whenever another hen enters the coop and glares at them the whole time their there.Hopefully that helps,Thanks.

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