How can you tell the gender of a frizzle?


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I have 2 young frizzles about 5 mo old. The lady I got them from is pretty sure one is a roo. (which is a good thing) But they look the exact same to me, besides feather coloring. Anyway, unless they crow or lay an egg I have no idea how to tell because thier feathers are so curly. Thier combs and waddles are the same color of a nice red.

Pictures of both their heads is kinda helpful. That whole "sex-the-upside-down-curly-mop" thing is hard to do.


I want to hear how people tell the difference too.
Im still going with 1 roo-1 pullet the blacker one in the back I still cant see a good head shot but from what I do see ( smaller wattles) Im going to say pullet-no crowing huh???
No, no crowing. they are just the cutest in the whole world! And so soft and gental. I just love them. They are really tiny too. I haven't named them yet though. I guess it's just a wait and see.
I would think by 5 months a roo would be crowing.
Maybe they are hens and the one with the really red waddles and comb is about to lay any day.

I am trying my hardest to convince hubby to let me get at least one frizzle. They are to cute!
I have sizzles so mine are a little harder. At five months they're probably both girls. This is a growing photo of my blue birchen Sizzle cockeral - check out that comb and he's three generations removed from cochin!

Around 3 months check them wattles.


Looking for his five month photos now....

Eight months and splendid,


Self-serving baby photo:


At five months he was far more obviously a boy.
This little girl is about six months old now. I had the same question becasue she crowed but she has since laid an egg
I do have a frizzle who crows and is very maleish acting and he looks just like yours. Cochins do take forever to crow. Yours to me look both male
IF I was comparing them to mine that is. My little boy frizzle is a very big sweet heart too.

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