How chickens have changed my life!

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Several years ago, I started becoming interested in the local food movement. I did things I had never really done before; I planted a garden, frequented the farmer's market, and even got chickens and goats! Fast forward several years and we no longer have the goats but we do own a share of a cow that I milk once a week, our garden space has tripled, we go to the farmer's market every week, I keep a beehive, and we went from having a few layers to having a small flock of layers and raising meat birds for our family.

    A few months ago, my husband and I were talking with a friend in a nearby city who has 20 acres and wanted to do something agricultural with it. After going to the property and talking with our friend about what would work on the land, we asked him if he would consider letting us raise meat birds on the land. He would be available to do daily chores since he lives there and we would go out a few times a week to check on things and do all the processing on site. All of a sudden, we were starting a meat chicken business! It's taken a couple months to get off the ground. It has definitely required a leap of faith to spend money on equipment with no guarantee that our business will be successful, but we believe in our product and the hard work we are willing to put into it.

    We are now ordering birds every two weeks and we are lucky to get any for ourselves. We are selling out of our birds before they are even out of the brooder! We take reservations and have a couple pick-up locations for people to come get their birds once they have been processed. We are getting more requests and inquiries every day and, at this point, it looks as though our small family farm will have no trouble getting a little bigger. We are thrilled to be able to offer a healthy, local product that is otherwise very difficult to find in our area.

    If anyone had told me three years ago that I would be a chicken farmer, I would have thought they were crazy!
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    Good for you, that is truly exciting.

    Good luck

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    that's awesome! [​IMG]

    how difficult was it to get set up to be able to sell meat products? i've thought about doing something on a smaller scale.

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