How close or far away is your chicken coop to your house?


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My wife and I are trying to determine where to put our coop. She's voting for the back yard (75 feet from the back door) and im pushing for a spot which is about 100+ yards from the front door (we have 4 acres).

Thanks in advance.
We have ours about 60-75 feet away in the farthest part of the backyard but our new coop will be right outside out bedroom window. no more worrying about "what was that noise? was that a coon????"
My coop is only about 50 feet from the house. (We live in suburia and our backyard is small) At times when it is dark, cold, icey or raining I wish it was closer!
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Where to put the coop depends on a LOT of factors.

How is the weather in the winter? Consider how convenient toting fresh water will be during the worst of your worst weather.

Consider also whether or not you will have roosters, are either of you light sleepers? Because it would be nice if roosters only crowed at dawn!

These are just some of the things to consider.

In answer to your question, I live on 1/4 of an acre and my coop is about 200 feet from the back door.
Mine is a transmorgrified, detached garage, so it's less than 30 feet from the house. It's 17 X 20 and a perfect spot for me to unload bags o' feed right out of the back of my RAV4 at the top of a steep driveway. Plus, it's wired for electricity and piped for running water. VERY handy.
Coop #1 is about 30' from the house and coop 2 is about 150' away. The distance isn't too bad since the garage is right next to it.

Right now, it's about 25 feet from the house, but we have a unique yard/housing situation. We've been given permission to expand the back yard, though, so when we complete THAT project and move the coop, it'll be more like 60 feet or so from the house. Far enough so that the chickens are in a different part of the yard, close enough that we can see it from the front door (we do live in the woods and want to still be able to keep an eye on the chickens as much as possible).
Ours is just outside our dining room window. In this photo, on the left is the chimney on the side of the house.


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