how come whenever i go to bird auctions or fairs the people are never


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like the ones on this site? just at those places they seem like they never used a computer in their life and really dont seem to love animals they are so rough with them or maybe its just the areas ive been?

seems a lot of people on this site are just so smart

people at the places me and my friend go to seem kinda scary
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Very true. I've been to some fairs or swap meets that made me wonder about the quality of their stock. Usually go home empty handed.
I agree with yall. We've been to swap meets and auctions (auctions we dont attend anymore) and have seen some things that common sense would dictate that the health and well being of certain animals are (in my mind) questionable. I also wonder if the sellers either are 'pushing' the animals off just to get rid of them to make a buck or are they just uneducated in the care and raising of their animals.
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We have an animal flea market close to my house that I went to for the first time. It was advertised on Craigs List. It was the dirtiest place I think I have ever been to. None of the animals looked healthy. They had a large variety, but I did not buy anything and I don't know if I will ever go back.
I have really only gone to the WV chickenstock (Eastern Panhandle) and it is awesome. Our county fair is youth only, and I've only seen kids that love their animals there. Maybe its regional? I don't know, but that sounds sad.
I don't believe I'd ever buy a chicken from a livestock auction or swap meet. Usually folks are getting rid of what they do not want, you are buying someone else's problems or diseases and I find its not really worth it to have to quarantine a bird for an extended period of time. They are lonely and cut off from the happy flock free ranging past their line of sight. Its cruel and they have a hard time fitting in when they finally get to be with the crowd.

I can't imagine wanting chickens bad enough to frequent those places for them. Those folks are strangers and you must take their word and believe what they say...and I find that more and more difficult in this world. I trusted a few private breeders and it got me some sick birds that I had to eventually kill. Never again!
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My sister and I go to quite a few swaps every year. I enjoy them alot. Most of the people I talk to are knowledgable about their birds and if not I pass them by. You tend to see the same breeders at different ones. It's always fun when you run into the ones you know or have bought from in the past.
Now auctions are a different story. Not only can't you talk to the owner of the bird but alot of the birds seem to be just throw into cages with no concern for food and water or any other care-just a "get rid of them attitude".

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