How common is splayed leg(s)


9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
in Silkie chicks?
Of the five chicks I ordered, two have bad legs, one barely survived shipping, and it took less than 48 hrs to arrive at the PO. It didn't grow at all in the 1st 24 hrs, noticebly smaller than it hatchmates and died while I was holding it. I suspect it couldn't get to the food and water had no strength when I picked it up. The other chick with her (positive thinking) right leg sticks out from the hip, but she hops around getting food and water, flees the Giant's hand and avoids capture as well as the other babies. I did the bandaid brace yesterday, didn't seem to make much difference other than she w/couldn't place the foot on the ground. I took off and will see if she continues to proper, and of course she is name Gimpi, matches Kiko, Nori and Yaki. Would be funny if that turns out to be a Japanese edible as the others all are.

The other 26 chicks are fine, just doing my daily exam, and pasty butt cleaning. Seems the breeds that will have heavier feathering have thicker down and have a greater number of butts to clean. The Naked Necks, have very sparse feathering as little chicks with shining pink vents and didn't have to clean any of those. I am finding the NN birds have more and more positive qualities as each day passes.

Is there any other Silkie quirks that I might want to be aware of?



10 Years
Oct 16, 2009
Splayed legs usually is the result of the chick hatching onto a smooth surface with no grip (so it cannot get upright when it first tries to walk)

I don't think that Silkies are more prone to this than other chicks.

With splayed legs the quicker it is treated the better the outcome.

Oh an I agree about NNs....amazing if quirky birds.


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