How Common Is This? 2.5 yr old hen Charlotte Going Broody?


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Recently, I got an email from Frogtown (Sara in SC) about Charlotte's sister, Silver, going broody. My blue Ameraucana, Charlotte, is two-and-a-half years old and today, I found Charlotte acting VERY un-Charlotte-like, screeching and puffing out. She did it to my DH today, too. She did lay an egg today, but she never does this, ever! How common is it for hens at this "advanced age" to go broody for the first time? And wouldn't you know, I have a BBS Orp customer I'm collecting for right now and can't collect any of my own eggs for her to hatch! I don't need more BRs or BBS Orps, really, but if she is really broody, I want to give her something besides mutt eggs.



And a gratuitous pic of one of my BIG Red Girls, too, LOL


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