how did the young horse die?

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    can a horse die from eating malva plant? today morning we found a dead young of my dogs got out of the dog pen and started chasing it.we don know if it was from the dog chasing it or the malva plant.we feed it malva plant combine with horse feed every day.
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    Malva plants (aka Mallow plants) can contain toxic levels of nitrates. Nitrates cause methemoglobin, which is deadly if not treated. Why are you feeding your horses malva? They should be getting a good amount of grass hay (possibly some alfalfa depending on the grain and use of the horses), grass to graze, and maybe some grain if needed. Depending on the individual and the nutrition of the hay you feed, grain may not be necessary.

    I recommend sending the horse for necropsy to be sure, especially if it was young. While toxicity is likely in this case, there are other infectious reasons for sudden horse death.

    Also STOP feeding Malva immediately!
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