How do I bring younger chicks in with older chicks??


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Nov 4, 2009
I have four young chicks that have outgrown their small cage. I need to bring them in with 5 adolecent chicks in a larger 10x10 coop. I figure I would bring them in at night while the older chicks are roosted, that's what I have heard works. But what do I do with the young chicks?? Do I take them out of their cage and hopefully they will roost?? If I just set the cage in the larger coop, they wont come out Im sure, then what happens in the morning?? Will the younger chicks be too chicken to come out with the older chicks? I am thinking I should take them out of their cage and take the cage out so they have to roost or do something.


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May 28, 2009
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What we do with our chicks is we separate the pen for a few days. We will put a divider in there and put the little ones outside during the day. That way, they can all see each other, but there is no fighting. We do this for about a week and we bring the babies inside at night. Normally after that time, the others will be so used to the chicks that there will be no fighting, or just a little to establish a pecking order.


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Mar 28, 2011
I have my smaller 5 in a wire dog kennel in the coop for the last week. This is not going well when together. Right now I supervise them when all together. My older ones hate the babies and the older chicks are only 11 weeks old.

I've read this can be a long a drawn out process. Yesterday I had them in the coop only and the older chicks tolerated the babies a short time. Today is different, they are not tolerating the babies at all, especially outside in the run. I have them all out together under close supervision. The older chicks will kill the young ones if the opportunity was there.

This whole process is a nightmare, but I believe it will work out in the end.
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