how do I do this hardware cloth apron in my situation?

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    Aug 14, 2010
    We put down concrete 12" x 12" x 2" pavers for the floor of a combined coop and run (we live in a hot climate so we didn't build a separate coop). After building the heavy structure on top of the pavers, a critter exclusion specialist told me raccoons can still dig into the coop and lift pavers that the walls aren't sitting on (say in the middle of the structure). So now we want to put a hardware cloth apron around it, but the last time I did this, we attached it to the wooden frame of the run. Since the new structure is sitting on top of 2" pavers, it would look bad to attach the hardware cloth apron directly to the walls, do I just tuck it under the edge of the pavers? I am planning on laying it on the ground and covering it with a couple of inches of dirt instead of digging down since we have a lot of tree roots.

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    seems like tucking under the edge is a fine idea -
    I creatively attached ours too, I have photos on my Hen House page.
    good luck!

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