How do I dust for mites?


9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
I just noticed one of our hens have mites for the first time. We bought some Permethrin garden and poultry dust. Did we buy the right thing? Are you supposed to dust the hens or the place where they dust bathe? What's the right way to "dust"?
It is best to dust everything!! To dust the chickens....put some of the dust in a bucket or something similar....scoop the powder and pour it on the chicken..make sure you get it under their wings...everywhere...(try to avoid the face)
i put the dust in an old parmason cheese cont. hubby holds by the legs and i dust all over. and when done i put what is left in their dusting spot. but also dust coop floor and nests.
I have to dust my birds also for mites. Looking for information on using DE vs. Sevin. When I bathed my chicken last week (thought she was eggbound), I used a tiny bit of Tee Tree Shampoo to see if it would help the mites. There were some dead in the water. Will be dusting each of them and the coop too.

Where do the mites come from? Straw? Or, do they naturally occur in the environment?
Good luck with your dusting. I liked the Parmesan cheese bottle idea.
I have a similar ? since my girls have access to the outside (free range I guess) can a passing wild bird leave a few mites or lice for them to pick up?

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