How do I get my girls to start laying again???

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  1. Bubble&Squeak

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    I have 3 hens as pets. They are close to 3 years old. They just went through a molt,which usually slowed down egg production anyway, but this time they just stop laying altogether! Now, it's been about 3 months and not one single egg!! How do get them to start again? I was thinking of introducing 2 pullets to the group, but if there is another way, please help!!

    Thanks so much!
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    I would say that age is taking its toll. It takes them longer as they get older to recover from molt and start laying again. Giving them extra protein might help. Adding light to make their day longer may also help start them up. Or just wait them out. If you want eggs getting young birds to take the load is really the way to go.
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    It's very normal for older hens to take the winter off from laying. It's why commercial farms replace the hens at 18 months or so, cause production declines. They need to take a break.
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    Put a light on a timer in their coop. You want around 14 hours of light a day. Have the light turn on before the sun comes up and then turn off when it's light outside. Just count backwards from sunset and that will give you the time to have the light come on. Also, adding whole red pepper flakes to their diet may help. It helps with circulation. You can get some game bird food and mix it into their regular layer feed, too.
  5. Bubble&Squeak

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Thanks so much!! Lots of great input, as always!!

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    Hook a battery and jumper cables.....just kidding.[​IMG] They are getting older and will take longer to recover each year. If you need eggs, in the future get a few pullets early in the spring so they will lay for you through the winter. And since they aren't laying now would be the time to add the new pullets, since the new stress would also contribute to laying.

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