How do I get my parents to agree to get new chicks? ;)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Primrose135, Feb 8, 2015.

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    We started out with five laying hens, but over the summer two of them were killed by raccoons and another stopped laying. My parents complain about not getting eggs, but when I suggest getting more chickens, they just laugh at me. Any suggestions on how to convince them? :)
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    To convince a parent to get more chickens takes responsibility, depending on how much you worked on taking care of your chickens last time might affect their willingness to get more. I would suggest selling the hen that is not laying to be ready to start all over if she's not laying she's only eating more than she's giving back. Willingness to be able to give up a chicken or a pet that is not working is big.

    I have gone through this before in fact I have this year, the way I convinced my parents was by stepping up the work and doing basically everything I was asked (related to chickens anyways) this involved less time watching television and computer time and more time just working with my birds, cleaning and taking care of them constantly. In fact when I asked if I could have a duck project my mother only said one but this week I found myself arguing with her because she wanted me to get two and I only wanted one, so I must of done something right.

    Every parent is different and each parent may or may not have gone through something. Some are easier to convince than others. My Grandpa tends to get more animals than he can deal with and my mom fears that I will become that so she puts limits on how many chickens I can own. There may be a reason that your parents say no, maybe it's because they think things won't change and they'll just die due to predators.

    Research into doing 4-H projects like poultry, the responsibility in doing that is great for kids of all ages and if you can show that you can take care and manage a 4-H project you'd be surprised doors open up.

    Also show patience when and if you can convince your parents to get more, never buy on impulse, another great reason for 4-H because if you buy on impulse you may have problems with those birds and you might as well start over. Many websites cover things like this, pick a breed of chicken (if you want one that lays) and do some research on it. If you handle it well and follow through with things than you're in a better position, also ask why they don't think getting more chickens is a good idea
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    Tell em new cage laws are going to make cost of store bought eggs even higher, better to invest in birds! :)
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    Get a friendly breed renowned for egg laying. They want eggs, get birds that lay eggs.

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