How do I lower humidity in homemade incubator?


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Dec 24, 2008
Ocala, Florida
I built it myself from a Rubbermaid cooler following directions that I saw on BYC. I finally got the temp. at 99.7 but the humidity is at 65% which I thought was too high for new eggs. I have a fan to circulate air. I removed the water in the tub and I have both air tubes open. Do I need to make more air tubes to lower humidity or what? There are no eggs in it yet I'm still trying to get it regulated.
But, I'm getting frustrated.


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Apr 14, 2009
Anderson Co. KY
I'm a new egg, but i built my bator also. I had the same problem. I had 2 3/4" holes close to the top of the bator. I put another hole close to the bottom of the bator. That fixed my problem. Now when my humidity gets high i open all 3 holes and it comes down.
Hope this helps, 4estgump


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May 29, 2007
Deep in a snow drift, NE
I built my incubator too, and had the same problem. I left it running with the lid slightly open until the humidity dropped and 'started over' with a very small water dish. It only has 2" circular surface area, then I put that plastic mesh stuff over it. I wanted to be able to raise and lower my humidity only a little bit. If I had needed to raise the humidity more, I would have put in another dish and added water with a straw via the vent holes. I also put in a narrow glass jar filled with water and lidded as a heat sink. On day 18 I took the lid off and the humidity went up just enough. It's deep enough that I don't have to worry about refilling it, but the exposed surface area is small.

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