How do I make father and son love each other?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by pringle, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. pringle

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    Ok,so a little while ago I made a post saying 2 muscovy ducks I got took to the wild in the spring and I only found out they survived just about a weeks ago.well before they left the female layed 4 eggs,I incubated them and got Nibbles my awesom friendly lovable drake who lets me pet him. Ive been trying to lure the pair of muscovys in with bread but they didnt go for it.But this morning I woke up to find Jim(male muscovy)eating outa the foodbowl like hes been here forever.Nibbles saw this and wasnt happy,so he went over to show him whos boss.Long story short Jim beat him up and while beating up Nibbles I caught him.I dont know were the female is I hope shes still alive.Jim is currently eating food in a doghouse and has plenty of water.I guess they survived the summer living off of bugs and stuff.

    Question:How do I make them like each other now?(Jim and Nibbles)
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    I'm sure others might have more insight, but from what I've seen, if you have any females around, the two males may never get along and may have to remain separated. I've seen two drakes live together peacefully when there was no competition for females or territory. Nibbles was probably being territorial when he attacked Jim because he felt Jim was not where he was supposed to be and it looked like Jim won the fight.
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    The Female might be hidden somewhere hatching more eggs.
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    Jun 28, 2010
    It is not in their nature to share the attentions of the females - and it doesn't matter if they're mother-son. The son and the father are in competition.

    If the young drake was raised with the adult hanging around, then he would have learned to behave properly with his father. But if you put two adult males together that didn't grow up around each other, it can be trouble.

    Can they co-exist? Yes. I have 5 drakes right now, all which free range with the hens. All of them either hatched here or were purchased at a young age so have grown up and merged into the pecking order flawlessly. One of this spring's drakes follows his father around 24/7 and are the closest I've ever seen two muscovies be. He doesn't challenge him so far, though. Then again, it isn't breeding season, either. When breeding season comes around, you usually see drakes attacking other drakes that are currently mating a hen.

    To keep your adult muscovies from going feral, try catching them at night and containing them, or at least trimming their wing feathers so they can't fly.

  5. pringle

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Ohh dont worry,the only reason the pair flew off was becouse I recently got them as adults and they escaped from the pen.I always close in all my ducks and chickens every night.I only have one female,her name is dolly and is a runt pekin and she only seems intrested in my mallard drake Bill.I think im gonna keep Jim away from Nibbles for now. Jim is gonna have his own big run and im hoping the female will come here looking for him or for food, they seem closely bonded. If she doesnt come back im going to a poultry swap and I guess ill try buying 2 muscovys,if they dont have them will 2 pekins do?I just want each of them to be happy, Nibbles recently lost his mate and I think hes ready for a new one.

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