How do i make my rooster come near me?


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Please help me..!
My rooster is very scared of me.. i raised him right in my house when it was just a chick..
but its very scared of me and everyone here.. please tell me how to make it come near me..
and will it defend the hens from predators like cats and eagles?
i need urgent help..As Soon As Possible,.
I go out to the chickens and call them while tossing treats on the ground in full view. After a while, they associate the calling with food and will come easily.

They know where the sunflower seeds are kept. If I walk in where the bin is located and a chicken sees me, they all are soon gathered around.

Having said that, I confess that my chickens are not held or petted.

this is my first time experience.. i has two roosters and 4 hens...i had to get rid of one rooster because they were always fighting.. Black rooster was the small one and brown was the bigger,, i got rid of black one.. now my rooster is very scared of me while the black one wasn't|
please tell me how to solve this mess..
I agree with Chfite. I would recommend moving slowly around him and don't 'mess' (like picking them up or chasing them or if you have to, do it in a careful way) with his hens for awhile. And feed them treats like meaworms, sunflower seeds, or something they like alot. I've tried this and its worked, hoped it does with you.

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Get some live mealworms at your local pet store. Then get a lawn chair and book, set yours your butt in chair in area rooster frequents and scatter a little feed or something like corn. Sit and read until flock approaches. Hens / pullets will likely approach first so they can eat the less appealing fair. Once females are in close, then toss a single mealworm down one and she will make a call that signals quality eats and even rooster will approach. Do not look at him or attempt to grab him, rather ignore him. A few seconds latter toss another mealworm down. Repeat so birds get about 10 to 20 mealworms. Repeat over the course of a few days making so birds, especially rooster must approach more closely for his. At no point do you grab at him or chase him. Once at this point, report on thread if more interaction is desired. System as described can even work with wild birds if you invest the time.

Some of mine used for educational purposes are held and petted and trained to come when called. It is not always a bad thing to have such calm birds nor is it a sign of weakness on your or the bird's side.

Some roosters if of the proper size and demeanor will take on a cat and do so successfully assuming cat is not one with well developed habit of going after adult chickens and rabbits. Dog is much better for dealing with such cats and that may be outside your current reality. Roosters will not be able to handle eagles of any sort although some can handle hawks already on ground or that are otherwise targeting hens or chicks.
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Every rooster is different. Personally, although we keep multiple roosters in the flock at one time, I've never, ever lost a rooster to a predator. Lost many, many hens, but never even one rooster. Our roosters do their job through alerting the hens to danger and trying to herd them into the hen house or under cover, but they just don't throw themselves between the hens and danger. They don't sacrifice their own lives to protect the hens. I have heard of roosters doing that, but not one of mine ever has, and I've probably had over 20 boys over the years.

The birds I have that have sacrificed themselves for others have all been mama hens. We lost our best broody when she covered her chicks with her body to ward off an owl, and I've seen a broody hen bloody a cat's nose out in the barnyard. The roosters just stood by and watched.

There is no way any rooster can take on an eagle.
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I lost my rooster to a hawk about yeah and as half ago. I miss him he was a great boy Rhode island red rooster we had hawk attack and he was around and went after the bird, we got the hawk to go but he hurt the roo too much so he died, there are some good boys out there

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