How do I protect my adult oeg bantams from cats?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by oegbantamsftw, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2012
    There three cats that I have seen one actually attcked my poor rooster in the night then another one stalk and both seem to be fighting over territory ? Also I keep reading that cats arent pet when they are in your property and posing a threat and try or destroying property which is my bantams.Cats are useless and illegal and take more than give back some are too lazy to kill mice or rats so are unfriendly and wont let you pet them carry rabies some dont even look cute or do aww thatz so cutzzz omgzz huhuhu and most of them are unregistered and some are all of that put together and worse oh you want to pet your cat oh look its shitting in your neighbors lawn oh okay the confied him in your house now all of that put together and even worse more worse oh and fleas originate from cats
    first i was shooing them away then threating them and now i done now i am throw what ever is at my hand something that will hit them but not decapitate them now i want to get a bb gun not a pellet gun sling shot was not a choice not enough ammo around and more dangerous for the cat the problem i see with the bbgun is i might hit them in the eye but i am too nice in this world so sad day for you cat and irresponsible "owner" another thing if emotion level cats go from like oh hello your nice to like hey poop cleaner food giver and have you seen a good movie about a cat

    hoping to see an answer that says with a 10 gauge shot gun sorry low budget only if... you know i dont even want to imagine it thats is how much i love my birds oh may they beg none of one of there species does any harm to my birds so watch out mink weasels racoons oppusum hawks owls ravens foxes coyotes cats wolves bears and cougars that you dont wipe out my birds or i will do as much as possible against your species oh and for you protected animals its called open season and hunting permits and man is top predator if they take one or two I go revenge killing because hunting means you might fail I only need a back up of one roo one hen and I will be happy Because its nature and thats how it rolls unless i can do something about it for those rare cats i dont worry they are rare duh and every thing shall be used from those animals meat for me, and dog guts for dog, bones for dog, hide for me. feathers for me and so will be used as bait. it narrows down to racoons oppusum coyotes cats and hawks all these are soso protected except hawks dang those people for killing them for feathers
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    Sorry to hear about the cat problem. You do have a right to protect your property from predators that wander in. Do these cats have owners or are they feral? If you are in the country and your neighbors don't claim them and do something about them, you have every right to. If you are in the city, do you have a local animal control officer? You can use live traps and probably get them as well. While I don't want to see your chickens getting preyed on by cats, I also don't want you to get into trouble. Best of luck to you and hope you can get it resolved!

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