How do I tell the sex of my button quail?


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
Lincolnton, NC
I have 1 that is pearly colored, two gray/slate, one white with black spots, and one light red. Does the "bib" automatically mean male? They are approx 8 weeks old. I'll try to post pics shortly.
All Coloration But White Should Have Red Or Rust Collored Vent Feathers On Males, Females Will Not Have Them. Bibs Are Not Indicative Of Sex, Or At Least Can Be Misleading.
Okay, so both of my slate gray are males (at least one of those was my only one crowing so far), my black & white is a female. I stink at getting pictures of these scared little boogers, so how can I tell on my one that is light red all over? Most of it's feathers are the same color as the other two's vent feathers.
Sometimes the silvers (slate grey) won't have the colored vent feathers either, but most of them do. If your black and white is a tuxedo, that falls under the 'white' category since the belly feathers are white.
Really? I've not had any tuxedos, but that's what I've always been told. Good to know

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