How do tell male from female n the Sebbis?


Shay's Flock of Fun
11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
in the wild, Mass
I have white sebbis and i am trying to figure out which ones are the males and which ones are the females, lol
I have not seen them mate since teh end of spring, so i am trying to see which is which.
Is there a certain way to tell them apart?
The males tend to be a little bigger.
Look at beaks and feet.
The males voice is higher pitched.
The males tend to "stand guard" when the females are grazing.
Hope this helps.
Thanks, yep i have 2 in there that yell at me a lot and sound louder than teh rest, i will let them all out to graze and watch over them to see which ones are standing guard.
Are teh males head bigger than teh females?
Yes, the makes are usually a bit bigger than the girls.. and they just 'act' more agressive and on guard... males head is wider/bigger than my girls head..

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