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    I see these slkie feathered serama's and japanese and wonder how they bred them for that feathering? Did they use silkie's to do it ? If so, how long did it take to breed the 5 th toe and cusion comb out of them? Then, the breeders had to get the body shape back to the original serama or jap. shape. wow, does it take a lot of years for this? If anyone can explain this I'd like to learn about it..... if not I'll just nod off here on the sofa.....
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    Serama had the mutation within their own gene pool. They did not use Silkies to get it. When the original birds were imported here from Malaysia, the silkie gene was already present. It is possible that somewhere someone could have used Silkies to get it in their lines, but if they did, it would be obvious and take a long time to get the black (or tinted) skin, feathered legs, and fifth toe out of the line. Only a breeder who didn't know any better would end up buying a bird with those obvious flaws.
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    Silkies do not have a cushion comb, they have a walnut comb. [​IMG]

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