How do you all deal with bio-security and showing?


9 Years
Mar 28, 2010
Just curious, since I have been doing a lot of research and reading about respiratory disease on here. It seems that the stuff they test for is not very likely to be what causes many of the illnesses that seem to me to be very common in the backyard flock.
So, say you have aspirations to show some birds, but then have one of your flock come down with a respiratory infection. Is it necessarily a "cull everybody and start over", or is there hope? I have to say it seems fairly easy, if the sick bird in question is not the proposed show bird, to go ahead and get proper testing to show a bird even after it has been exposed. I didn't say it seemed ethical, and would not personally do something like that, but am fairly certain there are people who would.

So, here are a couple of my questions: (I'm sure I have more, but this will get me started)

Under what, if any, circumstances would it be OK to show a bird that may have been exposed to respiratory disease?
I believe birds in CT have to be tested for AI and Pullorum/Typhoid, but should they also be tested for MS/MG (am I correct in thinking carriers can be identified)? Any others that are testable?

What if you don't/can't have a separate "show bird" coop??? Do you quarantine birds coming home from a show, and for how long???

Thanks for any input/experiences you may have to share!

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