How do you 'bring out' the frizzled gene?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by ThePolishPrincess, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I was looking at some pics of chickens and the thought suddnely occured to me. Beside's mixing a frizzled bird with an non-frizzled bird, how to do you get a 100% frizzled chicken?

    For example, I love Polish fowl. I saw some pictures of frizzled Polish chickens and thought how this could be. Obviously, someone mixed a frizzled bird with a Polish and the outcome was so, but how did the Polish gene become so strong, the crest became larger? Over the years of breeding them, how did it become it's own breed? Anyone understand what I'm getting at here? [​IMG]
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    Normally I'd say selection.
    Polish are ancient.
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    That would make sense. xP

    I'd like a frizzled polish one day but I see none being sold.

    Thanks for the response. [​IMG]
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    frizzling has been around a very, very long time and most of today's breeds probably existed in a frizzled form at one point or another in the past.

    the way frizzling was introduced to Polish was that they bred a bird with the frizzling gene to a Polish. Then, they took a frizzled offspring and bred it back to a full blood smooth feathered Polish. They just kept this up til they got a bird that was in all respects a Polish that just happened to have frizzled feathers, bearing no other resemblance to wahtever breed they used to put the frizzling gene into them.

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