How do you burry the run's floor into the ground & what covers it??

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    We are leaving the States for two weeks, eventhough my friend will be chicken sitting, I want to leave their door open so they can come out at dawn and go in at dusk. My coop will be quite secure, the run frame is made of 2x4s, it had chicken wire, I'll substitute that with the hardware cloth, but if I burry it a foot or so, what will go on top, the same dirt? or sods, or sand???
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    I am confused...if you bury it, it will be covered...with the dirt you dig out to bury it.

    I would run the chicken wire across the top, down the sides, under the 2 x 4 frame and out away from the coop a couple of feet and cover with dirt or rocks or something to hold it down. That will stop the diggers from getting under the run. You can run the hardwire cloth on the inside from ground level up 2 or 3 feet to keep predators from reaching in and grabbing a chicken.

    You really do not need a 'floor' per se if you run the wire to keep the diggers out. They will love have scratching ground in the run.

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