How do you care for chickens who are missing toes/feet?

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    May 19, 2009
    I stayed to tear down after the Ohio Nationals last weekend, and I took home a few of the abandoned chickens that were left when we were all done. They seem to have come from the same seller, who ditched them in show cages rather than bring them home. They have all been neglected, and they all have various deformities. The Sebright rooster is missing half of each toe on one foot and the entire foot on the other. He's the worst, but his mate is gimpy, and there is a pair of bantam Buckeyes with similar anomalies.

    Anyone else have stumpy birds? And what do you use as bedding? I have a yoga mat that my footless Serama hen walked around on, but it wasn't a long term solution. Should I keep them on play sand? Fine shavings? I have medium shavings, and they seem to be tripping around a lot. I want them to be comfortable, as they are welcome to live here as long as they want. If I rehome them, I want to be able to give good instructions as to how to care for them. Thanks!

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