How do you count protein in homemade chicken feed recipes?

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    I found a chicken feed recipe online I wanted to try. It didn't have a protein count. I am new to this so not knowledgable in this area. Could some please help me? Thank you!

    This was the recipe

    4 cups oats
    4 cups barley
    4 cups wheat
    4 cups yellow spilt peas
    3 cups boss
    1 cup kelp
    1 cup flax seed
    1 chia seeds
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    Here's how you do it.
    You need to know the protein in each ingredient.
    As omnivores, a homemade diet made from vegetative sources may be a problem.

    However, total crude protein percentage doesn't tell the whole story. Protein is made up of amino acids and about 12 of those are essential in a poultry diet. Purely vegetative sources are likely to be deficient in at least 2 of those essentials.
    A homemade diet is also possibly deficient in a few essential vitamins and minerals.

    It isn't possible to make a homemade feed with all the nutrients chickens need at the proper ratios that is less than twice the price of commercially available feed. It is the economy of scale. They buy grains and legumes by the trainload, you buy in 50 lb. bags. They buy vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplements by the ton, you buy by the pound. They have a lab to constantly evaluate the nutrients in the feed, you don't.
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