How do you figure your hatch rate percent?

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    So we had 8 eggs and only 6 hatched so far (I have another egg is the bator still rocking around).

    So since there was only 8 eggs and 6 hatched would I take 100 and divide it into 8?

    This is how I figured it works out.

    8 eggs at 100% = 12.5

    So then would you take that 12.5 and multiply by 6 and that = 75%

    I'm not sure if it's just basic math or is there some other method to finding the %.

    Sorry for the stupid question [​IMG]

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    100 divided by 8. Then multiply by the number actually hatched.
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    You hatched 6 out of 8. That is 6/8. Divide 6 by 8 = .75
    That is 75%

    ETA: If your last one hatches ... 7 out of 8 = 7/8 = .875
    That is 87.5%
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  4. Quote:This is what I would have done....

    Start with the total number of eggs set, then subtract the number not developed on day 14, divide that number by the total hatched.
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    Quote:This is what I would have done....

    Start with the total number of eggs set, then subtract the number not developed on day 14, divide that number by the total hatched.

    So you only count them if they developed past day 14? How do you count the ones that are fertile but don't make it past day 14? If you have genetic problems in your flock this could be a huge number of eggs that aren't accounted for. It seems like you have to count all the ones that develop at all (or were fertile) to get hatch rate percent.... Or I guess you're figuring the number that should hatch compared to the number that actually hatch.

    So is fertility the percent of eggs that develop at all?

    It seems if you sell eggs and state a hatch rate, it should theoretically be that the number of eggs the customer buys vs the number of chicks they theorectically should get. So if someone says they have a 80% hatch rate, I would expect that if they set 100 eggs, 80 would hatch (obviously no guarantees, and variation happens, but that's what I take that number to mean).
  6. Quote:You're getting too techinical. Are you wanting fertility rate? Or Hatch rate?
  7. Quote:Not if only 50 were fertile.

    And furthermore, NO ONE should be selling eggs with a predetermined hatch rate. You can't control the buyers hatching conditions, so their hatch percentage may be significantly lower... or higher than yours.

    Fertility rate and hatch rate are two different things in my opinion.

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    I started with 42 eggs... day 13 or 14 I threw away 23 of them that were not fertile I guess. Very clear. I still have 19. If I start with the 19 instead of the 42 I will have a better hatch rate.. unless I get a ZERO..... AGAIN!!!!!
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    First of all, any that never begin to develop don't count at all in figuring hatch rate (but they do count in fertility rate). It's like they never existed.

    For a hatch, you set 42 eggs. Total tossed out that never began to develop was 8. So, 34 is what you actually set. If 3 quit along the way, meaning they began to develop, but did not continue and 4 make it to the last three days, but never hatch for whatever reason, then that is a total of 7 that didn't make it. So, 27 out of 34 viable eggs hatched. 27 divided by 34 = 79.4% hatch rate

    To figure fertility rate, you would do 27 divided by 42 = 64% fertility rate

    Most breeders are interested in fertility rates of their flock; bator jockeys are usually interested in hatch rates. If the breeder is the one hatching, guess he/she would be interested in both.

  10. Quote:Wait I'm comfoosed.... Do you sell eggs on an XX% hatch rate pretense? Or are you saying that most breeders aren't really concerned with hatch rates?

    See what happens when I have to do math?

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