How do you freezer store your meat

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Would love to vac pac our chicken pheasant and duck after processing but the plant doesnt have one and we cant afford one. So whats the best way to wrap and seal the birds to avoid frost burn and still look presentable when we sell them
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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Check out cornerstone farms and order shrink bags from them. About 40 cents a bag.
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    I use a vacuum from Sorbent Systems that is a nozzle vacuum so I can use whatever bags I want and not have to buy the seal a meal bags or whatever brand those are. Any bags will work. Mylar bags are best, that way you arent paying an arm and a leg for bags. Plus I can reuse mine until theres nothing left. Reuse potato chip bags for feed or whatever. The Seal A Meal is too expensive for me to keep buying their proprietary bags.

    If I dont use the vac bags then I use ziplocks. If you leave a little water in the bag to coat the meat it will get freezerburnt less. Especially fish and shrimp if you cover with water they will last longer. 99 dollar vacuum model. Ive had mine for around a year. Their bags are cheaper if you buy in bulk. I bought bags when they had a sale. Some things I put o2 absorbers in and have stored for long term storage. Mine has paid for itself already. If I take something out I can reseal it and reuse the bag if I want to.

    Otherwise I use and used to use ziplocks but tey arent as thick as the mylar and cant fit a half a chicken in them as easily. I cut my freezer chicknes in half as we dont eat a whole chicken at once anyway. I put enough parts for fried chicken away seperately usually, as with a couple bags of wings for making wings.

    Everyone has different needs and ideas. This is what works for me.
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