How do you humanely put down your pet rooster?

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    May 14, 2007
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    This is a hard question for us! We have black Silkie rooster who has been with us for almost 5 years (his name is Motorcycle {my son named him}). He has just sired 23 babies this summer!!! [​IMG] We love him so much! He was bit by a dog on his thigh 1-2 weeks ago and has since lost the use of one of his legs. He was getting somewhat ok at hopping around on one leg, but spent a lot of time laying around. Then some of the hens started pecking at him, so we moved him to the side of the yard with the mama and babies. He was crowing and eating. Then it poured down rain today and he couldn't get to dry land quick enough. So he laid down in the rain and got cold. By the time I found him one of the hens had pulled all of his feathers out of his tail, back and chest. So he is now in our tub with a light on him for warmth. He has fluffed up where he still has feathers and has been eating and drinking. But this seems like a horrible existence! [​IMG] How can we put him down without it seeming violent? Thank you for any suggestions!
    Amy J. [​IMG]
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    I personally couldn't do it. I would pay my vet to do it with a needle. If you can keep him comfy til morning, you could call the vet. Sorry, i'm a softie [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry you are facing this tough situation.

    I personally don't think that a quick dispatch with a hatchet is cruel for the rooster, but in this situation it may be too cruel for you. I know you probably don't want to remember him that way since is is a pet to you.

    I'd vote for taking him to the vets for a lethal injection. That way he can go out relatively peacefully and your memories of him will be fond and pleasant.

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    Mar 6, 2007
    You can use starting fluid on a rag(ether)sp? Put him and the rag into an air tight tub. He'll just go to sleep.
    Sorry for the problems with your roo. Decisions like this are never easy.
  5. Sorry to hear this, its so sad, you were a wonderful family for him.
    I would take him to vet and have him euthanised. Its very quick, you can hold him in your arms if it helps you while he does it. Be prepared though for "after spasms". He will be asleep but his little body will keep moving for a few seconds. Perhaps have a towel handy to wrap him in for this.
    Ive been through this with a pet hen, Its best that you ease his suffering as gently as possible,
    Peace be with you all.
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    Sep 3, 2007
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    I would second everyone else here. Dinner birds are one thing, but a pet?

    Take him to the vet, make it painless and in your arms. Let you focus on pouring all that love into him as he goes, and let the vet do the hard work.

    *hugs* I'm really sorry. [​IMG]
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    I had a vet euthanize a pet rooster--it cost $25 at a pet emergency clinic. It was worth it to not have my rooster suffer.
    I'm so sorry about your rooster.
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    I would also agree about putting Motorcycle to sleep by the vet. Everything else seems so violent for such a wonderful lil guy. Best to pay the money and have the fond memories then to do it free but have the nightmares. I'd pay even if it meant putting something off. That's just me though.
  9. So sorry your in this situation, but it comes to us with all pets it seems.

    The vet is a good option. If you can't do that asking anyone that has had meat birds to put him down for you is another option. When it is your pet and especially if your not experienced at a quick painless end I don't suggest trying to do it yourself, that's not the nice last memory you want.
  10. BJ

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    Mar 20, 2007
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