How do you keep your chickens warm?


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Nov 17, 2010
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I heard on the news this morning about a barn fire caused by a heat lamp. Unfortunatly a lot of animals didn't get out. I live in FL. and 2 nights this week I had a heat lamp turned on in the coop because the temps got down to 17*. My lamp is situated on a board on the ceiling so it doesn't get hot but just enough heat to keep the birds comfy and they can get off the roost if they are too warm. Those members that live in the really cold regions must really have a though time in the winter so how do you keep your birds warm and safe?
A dry coop is the best way to keep them warm. Ventilation, not drafts. My chickens run around outside all winter long... so I am thinking they don't mind the cold as long as they have a nice coop waiting when they go in.

ETA: Good grief! I really should proof read!
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This is very true!

Not just in the coop, also in the house, barn, garage, shed etc.

Imp- It's always sad to hear about fires.
I don't; their feathers do
17 degrees is not cold enough to kill chickens unless they don't have feathers. There are plenty of people in very cold climates keeping chickens without an artificial heat source. People were keeping chickens long before electricity was available, and they certainly didn't build a fire in the barn to keep the animals warm!

Chickens have feathers that keep them warm. Have you ever worn a down coat or slept under a down blanket? There is a reason we use feathers in these things--they are warm! Chickens can also keep warm by huddling together for extra body heat. Eating extra high calorie foods can help too--feed them more. (That's why most people crave "junk food" more in winter--our instincts tell us we need extra fat and calories to get through the cold weather!) As long as they have a dry place to get into away from wind and rain, they should be just fine. Chickens are not delicate tropical birds, they do fine in cold weather.

X3, I don't do anything extra, They're well equiped to handle the cold. Turn off the heatlamp, you're just running up your electric bill.
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