How do you know of the baby chick is a male or female?


Mar 8, 2018
bozeman MT U.S.A
I hear there is no way to tell but its the internet, you can't really trust it. So is there a way to tell? Cause they don't get the tail or anything until they are older. And do you have to keep the hens away from the roosters?


Crossing the Road
9 Years
Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
:welcome Glad you joined us. You may want to update your Profile with your location, it gives Members insight as to your climate/time zone when answering any questions you may have.

You can post (individual) pictures here when they're about 6 - 8wks, we love guessing and there are some that are experienced. We watch for the development/color of the combs & wattles. Some breeds are bred so that when they hatch, their color differentiate the sexes. The only reason you would keep the hens from the roosters is if you don't want chicks. Although if you collect eggs frequently and don't allow the hens to set, then there's no chicks.

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