How do you live with yourself eating the birds you raised?

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12 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Portland, OR
First of all, let it be known I'm not saying people who eat their chickens are bad. But How can you eat the animals you raised from the egg and watched them grow up? You see these birds most every day, right? Don't you get atached to them at all or feel bad you're eating them?For me,If I am in the same area as an animal for a day I get atached but mayby I'm a little sensative. But I love my chickens and I can't eat chicken anymore because I just can't amagine eating an animal so funny and cute and full of personality. How do you do It?
I name them as soon as they hatch. Some are named soup, some are named nugget, some are named...well you get the idea. A select few go into the breeding coop for the following year, I name all those lucky.
Look at it this way, unless you are vegan, the birds you raise are the fortunate few. Consider the life of a Tyson chicken. Same genetic propensity to be a cute, funny silly critter. Forced from the moment it hatches to "live" in conditions that make me question the moral ethicacy of even beginning to look at them in the market. Now look at your birds, pampered indulged creatures allowed the dignity to live they way nature intended (I assume, I don't know you :))

So the question really isn't how could you, it's how could you not. Unless you opt out of eating chicken all together of course. Also, the clever naming helps. Mine are Gumbo, Noodle Soup, Jerk and Hot Wings. When the time comes, I consider it fulfilling their destiny. I just can't figure out how to do the deed when the time comes!
We don't play with them. We have horses and dogs for pets. The chickens are there for food. Thats it. The rabbits are a bit harder.
when you put it that way I see your point, but I just plain don't eat chicken now that I have chickens. I would love to be totaly self sustained though, And it's driving me crazy that I can't bring myself to see the reason in eating the hens you raise. I live in the middle of the suburbs but I'm hoping to live in the country someday and when I do, well, I'll have a problem. I guess I'll just have to figure out whats more important to me. (by the way, keep the answers coming- its interesting)
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