how do you make the poultry treat cakes??

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    I was wondering how to make the poultry treat cakes to hang in their pens.. anyone know??
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    I hope I can help you out; I don’t measure so much as just add and dump from what I have. As you know they will eat just about anything. Here are a few recipes that I started with from what my mom did while growing up. I then just wing it from there. I use a Crockpot on low to melt my goodies but you can use a pot with the burner on low/med. I also use the fat off of my moose, caribou or dall sheep for my suet if you don’t have access to animal fat you can use any Crisco type for your suet.

    Suet blocks

    Add 2 cup crunchy/creamy peanut butter, 2 cups of fat/Crisco into a Crockpot and let sit until it’s a liquid

    In a large bowl I mix my dry parts I use wild bird seed, cracked corn, dry fruit, sunflower seeds, instant oats, and anything else in the house I think they would like for this batch.

    Then I grease any sort of pan 9x13, 8 in round anything you wish to use. I then pour or ladle in my liquid and the dry mix, mixing them well until the pan is full and the dry mix is now covered in the melted suet packing it tight.

    I then let them sit to harden or put in the freezer.

    Once hard I will take them out and put into freezer bags and freeze what I don’t use. The parts I do use I will put into the large suet baskets or place them on the ground in the coop. They are always gone in a flash!!

    Flock blocks

    Again not so much a recipe just whatever is around.

    I use wild bird seed, rice, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, peanut butter, kitchen scraps, even meat, nuts; scratch just about anything I mix in a handful of eggs to help bind the dry mix. Or even old bread and water instead of eggs to bind.

    Then place in the same greased pan set up as for the suet blocks. Only I then put it into an oven set at 350 for around an hr. I pull them out when they are nice and hard and smell super good.

    Some times I use cob in them just for an added treat.

    After they are cool I treat the same as my suet blocks. Although I also will put drill a hole or use a small bunt pan to make it easy to have a hole in the middle to hang them in odd places making the girls chase them while they peck at it.

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