How do you manage vacations?


Herding ducks and Wrangling chickens
Jan 8, 2017
My husband is afraid that we shall never go on vacation again! :lol:
We live in a rural area. My in-laws are close by, but they cannot come down due to their free ranging dogs who would come with them (and do not listen to their owners). Plus, they are older and have no interest in my newest venture.
I am wanting to make sure all is set up when the time comes so that we could have someone check on them once per day.
I am getting a new coop and will install an automatic door which should help?
I have what I consider a small flock: 4 chickens and 4 ducklings.

We have no neighbor kids that I know of. I am thinking of asking the local 4-h poultry club for recommendations or give them my name and see if anyone is interested.
Worse case scenario - we are gone for 5 days and no one can come and check on them.
What would you do?

We are not going on vacation for awhile, so I have time to come up with a plan.
since your in touch with the 4-H, I'd offer to pay for egg collection and feeding during that time. Your more than likely to get a hit from that. I wouldn't expect somebody I don't know to keep an eye on my ladies for free.

I'm in a similar case, I'm going on vacation for a week in a couple of months. My eldest daughter will be home, as she can't come with us, but she's terrified of the chickens. My sister and her bf will come over and help, as a favor to us. I'm thinking about seeing if she wants the eggs collected during that time for her mayonnaise project.
I like to take trips and usually have a spare daughter who will house sit coupled with a neighbour keeping an eye on things but this summer I will have quite a lot of chicks so I’ve decided to have a professional house sitter which costs £30 a day. She’ll stay at the house, look after the dog, hens, chicks, plants!
Another option I looked at was pet sitting hotels..several around here that would take up to 8 chickens and it was £12 night. Ish.
Chickens need checking morning and night which is a lot for some people to manage as a favour , this way Means I don’t have to worry and i factored in this cost when booking the holiday.
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