How do you old hens deal with laying?

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    Oct 26, 2007
    I have several almost 9 year-old hens. The sensible ones have quit laying completely. But one of them keeps trying to lay and I think not all her equipment is there any more. I treated her several weeks ago for a stuck egg and what I thought was a bit of a broken egg. She's laid pieces of tissue too. I gave her Baytril for about a week, and she really perked up and has been with the others for those several weeks. But now, she's in the nest box all the time and losing weight and not looking so good. She has either egg or pus coming out of her vent.

    My husband convinced me to do another round of antibiotics..........but I'm thinking this is going to happen all the time in the future. I think she's at the end of her road. Yes, I could probably treat her with antibiotics for the rest of her life, but I don't think that makes much sense, since she is so old.
    What do you think? I'm I being premature in thinking she's too old to "cure"? I'm also trying to balance my feelings about letting nature take its course, versus wanting to save her, if she's curable. But I have the feeling she might be missing part of her oviduct, and partial eggs just can't get through.......and I doubt that will change. :(

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