How do you raise turkeys?

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    We just found a nest of 14 turkeys eggs ( and I'm not mean the guy clearing our trees said he wouldn't see them and run over them ) so now we have turkeys! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!:D So how do you raise turkeys can they eat un medicated chick starter? We have a whole bag from when we planned to get ducks. Do they need a coop like chickens, how much space do they need, what are turkeys mainly used for meat or eggs? ( Also not on topic but this is my very first post I'm using my mother's account. ) How long does is take turkey eggs to hatch we have no idea how old the eggs are and how can you tell when they are ready to hatch or can you?

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    If you mean that you found a nest of wild turkeys, then you need to contact your local game warden to let them deal with them. If they are heritage turkeys then yes they can survive on chick starter but it is not good for them. Turkey poults need a high percentage protein content for proper development. I feed mine a 28% protein turkey/gamebird starter. Newly hatched poults need brooded in a heated area with the temperature being 90°-95°F measured at the bedding level. The temperature can be lowered by 5°F each week until it is down to the ambient temperature. They should be able to freely move in and out of the heated area.

    Turkey eggs take 28 days to hatch. Candling the eggs can reveal their status. When the poults internally pip, they are likely within a day of hatching.

    Some people keep their turkeys in a coop and some do not. They do need protection from the wind and they also need a shaded area where they can get out of strong sunlight.

    Turkeys are used for food, eggs, insect control (the most efficient grasshopper hunters), pets and just the enjoyment of their owners.

    Read the Turkeys 101 thread for more information.
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    Thank you for the help!
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    If they are wild turkey eggs, my advice will be to contact the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries so they can tell you what to do with them.
    A few year ago, I was looking into buying some wild turkey eggs for hatching. I found out that here in Virginia it is illegal to raise wild birds in captivity unless you have both state and federal permits.
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    you can take car of them just like chickens. My turkey are in with my chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, quail and pheasent. And the all get along depending on what species turkey. I have eastern wild turkeys and black spanish turkeys. Those breeds are not aggressive birds

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