How do you say no?


In the Brooder
Sep 5, 2019
Eugene, OR
When your 4 yo granddaughter looks at you with those baby blues and asks if you can keep her chickaletta until they get settled after their move? So, needless to say I have chickens. If I had known they were this much fun I would have done this a long time ago. It's been a year now and thanks to some of your posts and all manner of research my girls (and oops, one boy :hmm) are doing well in their estate! I've over-engineered their coop (it's still in progress here) using 2 gorilla racks and my first ever set of stairs - you know they aren't this clean now, and they have a compost pile playground. I have a few more in the brooder - they are going out next weekend, with 5 outside already. That number will change once the polish pair find a home out of the city so he can throw his voice around. Thanks to everyone, I've garnered a lot of knowledge and look forward to more.
Coop stairs.jpg

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