How do you SEX a pigeon?


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May 5, 2010
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So I am going to a friends farm (Linda Zeagler) to pick up some mandarins and talked her out of a few of her fantails. However, I am not too experienced in the pigeon department and neither is Linda. So I looked it up via Bing. I found several wive's tale versions and a couple that I know to be fairly true like their stance but hers kind of come and go as they please and I probably wont exactly have time or a really good look at them relaxed. So what are some definative sexing techniques I could use?
observation is the best route....I like to find a will be the one on top during mating then put him in a cage. throw anothe bird in there....if they square off and fight usually two males if the new bird is driven around usually a hen...
is this the only way? I dont know that I will have the time to figure it out this way, hmmm..... also would the males square off if they are living together? How often do they mate? I mean I am not gonna have to camp out to find a male am I?
you could always go with the nail on a sting method....lots of folks swear by it...most I know are fairly about 50% accuracy

I went through some birds a few days ago...probably like 25 or so...took about an hour and a half...but I already had some birds identified

they are fairly active this time of year

yes I did it with birds that have been put them in close proximity and cramp their style things happen
i always watch the way they interact with each other... like they said, two males will fight or at least start quacking at one another... males do an entire 360° turn sweeping their tails on the floor... if a hen decides to quack, she will only do half a turn or so... but i also vent sex just to be sure...
so Towman where can I find this speculum? lol I know how to vent sex other birds but can you vent sex a pigeon the same way?

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