How Do You Show Silkies? Baby Shampoo?

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    I'm hoping to show my two white silkies this summer. I've never been to a chicken show which I'm planning to do before I take my hens there but I want to be prepared and get a sense of what to expect. I've bathed one of the girls once before, she was a pretty good sport about it but the dog shampoo I used didn't work very well to get the spots of poo and such off. I didn't really expect it to but I want to use a different shampoo this time and I've read that people have used baby shampoo like Johnson & Johnson. Do you have any recommendations? Our girls don't have fleas or ticks either so it doesn't have to be one to treat them.

    Anyways, is there any basic things I should know? Or advice? Anything would be appreciated.
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    Chris Christensen white on white dog shampoo. See their website.
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