how do you tame your chickens?

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  1. my chickens don't really like me, i am nice to them, and i give them treats almost daily. Sarah my GLW pullet is the most tame, i can hold her, but she runs when i try to pick her up. Esther, my EE freaks out when i touch her, and my sister's rooster trys to peck me!

    how do i tame them?
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    Someone told me that if you hold and stroke and talk to your hen for about 5 minutes, it will be tame after that. It worked for me when I first got my 2 hens. They would run from me and when I caught them and did this, they followed me around after that. Now they come when I call their names and they aren't afraid of anyone.
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    My suggestion would be to keep picking them up regardless, Treats are a good way of building their confidence,

    My tamest chicken is an ex battery hen, She will follow me everywhere, All of the others will come when i call and also squat when i get close so i can pick them up

    I think time is the best tool to use
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    How old are your chickens? If they are young they will get tamer as they age. I don't try to hard to tame mine but they are always under foot and looking for snacks. They still don't really like to be held but are easy to catch if the need arises.Just keep giving them the treats and be slow and low, remember they feel uneasy about things coming at them from above them, and also are scared of fast movements.
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    You can't really tame a chicken. When they are lil chicks, the idea is to handle them as much as possible so they get use to you. But, I find, once they are out in their coop, they become chickens. There will be a few that will be more friendly. I had a Buttercup that every time I went out, she would fly to my shoulder. An Isa would follow me around as I did gardening and "talk" to me. I guess it depends on the breed and personality of the chicken. I have a SLW that waits for me at dusk to put her up on the roost. She actually runs to me to pick her up! lol I guess I would just mingle with them and talk softly to them. Have some bread and feed them from you hand. They have to learn to trust you. Roosters are not know for being nice! Good Luck!
  6. Quote:about 7 or 8 months old
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    I have one word for you:

    The way to their little hearts is through their stomachs.

    Find their most favorite treat (for mine it's a scratch mix of sunflower seeds & oats or on special occasions: raisins) feed, & watch them warm up to you.
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    You don't. They are either fearful or less fearful. While birds are social creatures and may tolerate your proximity and approach you when you feed them, they prefer not to be handled. They learn to fear you if they expect you are going to try to pick them up every time.

    Some birds have a "freeze" response when they are picked up, which some people mistake as "calm" or "friendly"

    Some breeds are less fearful than others. For example, my MGBs will run up to me and i can pick them up, they hold really still and just patiently wait to be set down. They will even jump up on my shoulder when I am filling their feeder. I didn't do anything different with them, they are just fearless. And I know they don't think of me when I'm gone or hold me to any high regard.

    I hate to be so contrary, but when people expect their chickens to be like pets it only sets you up for disappointment. I appreciate my chickens as much as anybody, but I have realistic expectations of them.
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    If they're in a pen, take a lawn chair and some treats in and just sit there and talk to them and toss out some treats. Some chickens just don't tame down real well....kind of depends on the breed . Chickens aren't like dogs or cats that like to cuddle with you. Mine are all tame but that doesn't mean they like to be held.
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    everyone says treats treats.. but I dont know what kind of treats are ok to give my girls their almost 6 weeks old and I dont know what they can have. I dont want to give them something bad for them. i have heard scraps.. like what? cant hey have cooked rice and cooked grits? or not? i have giving bread.. their not really into bread yet? is there anything on the NO list. I did see that some peoples chickens have developed a taste for mice.. cool so their not that fragile but mine arn't adults either. thanks for any help and suggestions.
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