How do you tell a vet "No" politely??

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Bec, Aug 12, 2010.

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    I had my horse vet out for my mini horse who has been diagnosed with Laminitis. While the vet was here I had her take a look at my older horse, he wont gain weight. He has had his teeth done my both another vet and a dental specialist. The other vet was not concerned, but i thought a 2nd opinion wouldn't hurt. She ran some blood work which all came back perfect, we are going to do a fecal sample to rule out any unseen parasites. She is kind of pushing me to do more testing but we don't have the money to. All his basic blood work came back "Outstanding for an older horse" (her words) so I told her that because of low funds, we will just stop there and keep doing what we are doing. Again she started pushing for more testing even though she is not overly concerned [​IMG] How can I say no in a polite way??
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    Why be polite? [​IMG] Just say that you don't have the money/interest in running any more tests.

    "I'm sorry, but I don't think I want to do that at this point"
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    Ditto. Try drenching the old thing with some unpasteurized apple cider vinegar...really helped my old dog feel better, put on weight and even helped with her arthritis.
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    She just keeps saying "I'm curious as to why he isn't gaining weight"

    Ummm, if she is so curious, SHE can pay for more tests!
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    X 3
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    Tell her you don't mind if she runs the tests as long as they are free [​IMG]
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    Maybe because it's been so HOT [​IMG]

    My 25 year old mare was losing weight. She's missing a tooth or two and the flies have been awful. I gradually increased her feed with equine senior, 1 cup of corn oil, and some soaked alfalfa cubes in addition to her regular hay. Seems like a lot, but she's been holding her own and looking pretty good. I soak the alfalfa cubes because she almost choked to death right in front of me on one of the dry cubes.
  9. Just tell the Vet that you appreciate them caring so much, but that you are honorable folks and you do not like running out on your bills, and that with your current situation that's what would happen if you allowed for the extra tests. You'll continue to do the best you can, and in the future when more funds are available we'll see about additional testing.
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    Quote:He's OLD! His metabolism is slowing down, his system not absorbing stuff the way it used to. It's just a part of the aging process. Just love him until his last days

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