How do you train Seramas for show?

Be sure you post pictures of your new birds; I wanna see what he sends you! Hatching and handling the birds from birth yourself makes thing a lot easier. You don't have to start messing with them when they're super young, but you want brave, confident birds on the table. A frightened bird will just sit down and pout. Don't feed them from a dish on the cage floor; make them reach up a little to get their food. This will help develop their "posing" muscles, and it will make the training a lot easier. Feed them treats from above, and get them used to standing alone on a flat surface that has traction. Push their bodies around until they look like you want them to, and step back. The most relaxed birds will just stand there like you left them, or maybe even flap their wings and stretch. It doesn't take long to teach them these things, and the most important part is to get their confidence. Bring the birds to 4-H meetings, pet stores, and the park (caged) to expose them to different activities. Good luck!
Awesome info! Thanks Catwalk!

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