How does one tell an ok medical specilist from a GREAT one?


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Jun 18, 2008
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Okay So I live in Asheboro have a great gp I am VERY happy with. I had both of my children with the same ob/gyn practice in Greensboro (30 miles away). I stayed with them thru 3 moves and 15 years.

My Gp I have been with for 8 years and really love her.

So in spring I had a strange episode of very itvchy hives. Gp couldn't figure out so sent me too the dermatoligist . They handled it all was well.

Well 2 months ago I started having "issues" so made appt with the ob/gyn right after kids started back to school. I ~thought~ they were just the beggining of menopause. My hair got a lot drier,my skin changed, I grew tired more easily , and suddenly could NOT handle the heat like I used too. DH was FREAKED and said NO your too young.

So I see gyn and tell her my list, knowing they will pull blood and she says NO I don;t think menopause I think THYROID! Well You could have knocked me over!!

So She does blood work, exam, and ultrasound.Everything looks fine, she says. Your thyroid is ~a little low~ but not enough to worry. I can solve your"issues" by giving you a birth control pill.

I was pretty mad as I had my tubes tied after last child. I was NOT impressed with b/c pills and told her so and reminded her of my past issues! So she said she could send me to an endocrinoligist and see if THEY could help with the back up being going back to her and going on b/c pills.

VERY annoyed that she wanted to "solve my symptoms" by giving me a pill and not find my problem.

Anyway So I have a choice of seeing an endocrinoligist here in town or by the ob/gyn. I am undecided, they are waiting for my decision, to make the appt for me since I need a refferal. I am also kinda torn and thinking maybe I should just go back to GP as SHE is a great diagnostician.

I don't know anyone who goes to an endocrinoligist to find a good vs/bad. I google and get a some but HOW does one tell the better ones?? I don't know how to rate them.

I do kinda feel like I would get a better one in the city, But in the end they would probablly be working with my reg gp a bit too wouldn't they?

If you've read this far I thank you. I am MAD about the whole situation at the ob/gyn. Was NOT impressed with thir solution. Just so you know the issue would not be diabetes because my blood sugar is normal and I am 5 ft and 135lbs. I run between 15-25 miles week depending on what I have going on.

Can anyone give me some advice??
Why don't you ask your GP to run some tests/recommend someone? It's hard to find someone you can trust completely with medical problems. Mis-diagnoses happen, sadly, as does fatal mistakes. So go to someone you trust. Your GP.
Good luck.
Oh, my MIL is pushing 70 and she's still waiting for her menopause. And I've heard of another poor woman who had hers when she was 25... Just a thought.
It can be a real PITA to find a doctor you are comfortable with and have confidence in their abilities.

Back in 2007 my DH was hospitalized with a 104.8 fever, muscular pain and mental confusion. It took several days of seeing different doctors in the hospital before one doctor started thinking outside the box and realized that DH had sepsis or systemic e.coli. DH nearly died. We were so thankful for the good hospital care of that doctor (an internist) that we immediately switched our care to him. The doctor gave DH excellent care, but turns out he was/is a woman hater. Really gave me substandard care. Still switching doctors is a pain, so we stuck with him until the end of 2009 when he closed his practice in favor of a job at the hospital. I was so relieved!

Our new doctor, internist, is a young guy not long out of medical school. I adore him! He spends as much time as necessary with his patients to deal with whatever issues the patient is having. He is not afraid of trying unorthodox treatments if there's a chance they can help. He really listens and he cares. I have fibromyalgia, peptic ulcer disease, a large hiatal hernia, ulcerative colitis and a deformed spinal column. All of these issues have been properly addressed by him and he gets my input on them, instead of ordering me to do what he thinks is best. I am now doing 110% better than I did with the last doctor and several before him.

My advice to you would be to either switch OB/GYNs and keep switching until you find one you are comfortable and confidence in or speak up! You are paying them, not the other way around. You deserve good care and I would demand it.

Good luck to you.

ETA: If you problems continue without a satisfactory treatment, ask to be referred to Duke. A good distance, but you won't find better care in NC than at Duke. Just MHO.
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I recently read that doctors are changing their views on what constitutes "a little low" with thyroid issues. Previously they did not medicate but it's been shown that a level that is "a little low" and causing no problems for one person may very well require medication for another person.

I don't know how to go about finding a "great" specialist, but since you trust your GP I would ask him/her for a referral to someone they trust.

Off topic but I have always HATED the "birth control cure all" method of treating women.
I had similar symptoms, get tested for LYME disease... especially if you are near the woods/deer/or find ticks anywhere. I didn't get the normal bullseye rash but did get hives all over my body. Tired all the time. It affects everyone differently. Hormones are scary, especially if you don't need them. Been through that crap after my hysterectomy. Good luck.
See I don't think that's off topic. I was offended that what SHE dealt with checked out just fine so she would fix "the symptoms" the way they could, but not even worry about what could be the underlieing problem.

The ENTIRE reason I got the tubes tied is I was most unimpressed with the side effects of b/c pills and then they just say well lets try ~this~ one. After one of the side effects I decided to go with other measures till I KNEW I was ready to have the last and then ONE of us was getting permanantly fixed. I sure don't regret my snip snip at ALL!!!
THAT had not occured to me though it did seem a possibility when I got the hives. I DO live near the woods and stream. I will ask to get tested.Thanks
I know it's kind of soon... did you make any decisions/ have any bloodwork done? Just thinking about you, and wondering how you're doing. My lyme was so bad , I had gotten a spinal tap, and after months of antibiotics, had to have an IV put in my arm, and hooked up to a bag every day for 3 weeks. Lots of autoimmune problems years later, much like your symptoms. Wishing you luck.
A big x2!. An OB/GYN probably is not the one who should be making the call about the thyroid being "just a little off" and calling it ok. Your GP should absolutely be able to give you a good referral to an endo. That would be my first move to get clarity on the thyroid issue.

I get really ticked off to about the birth control pill cure all. Same thing happened to me a few years ago. OB/GYN couldn't figure out the problem so here, take some BC pill's, that'll fix ya!

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