How does the goose turner for sportsman work?


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Nov 15, 2009
Midland, MI
I don't know how the turner for the goose eggs is supposed to work in the sportsman incubator. I am confused how the eggs turn in it and stuff. Help?
there are more than a few ways you can put goose eggs into a sportsman.

one is a metal tray wih dividers..they look like stretched springs..
you just put the eggs into each compartment pointy end down..

another is to use a plastic egg holder. again you put the pointy end down..

another is a tray with rows of dividers.. you lay the eggs on their sides in this one..

the whole tray tilts to turn the eggs..

there is a switch on usually the left side as you are facing the front of the cabinet.. way toward the rear and near the top.

to manually turn the trays, you hold the switch up.. the switch is pring loaded.. whenever you let the swich go, the trays will stop..

to make the trays go automatically, you snap the switch down.
the timer will take over and you can forget it..

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