How early can coccidiosis infect a chick?

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    Mar 29, 2012
    I've read all sorts of information on coccidiosis, and some have mentioned a chick being too young for it. How young is too young and at what age does it develop?

    I've already lost 3 of 8 chicks (between 6-9 days old), and now one of the strong ones is starting to look a little droopy and less interested in food/water. Ugh. This is breaking my heart.

    They are all now on medicated chick starter and probiotics (2 days now).

    Also, do I need to change the pro-biotic water? It's in an nipple waterer, so it's clean, but (obviously) has not been refrigerated.

    I just ordered some Corid 9.6% liquid oral solution to be delivered by tomorrow. I really don't want to keep losing babies.

    Thanks again everyone!

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