How Early For Treats


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
N. E. Alabama
how early does everyone start feeding treats. we just got our chicks from TSC. cute little fuzzy butts. we would like to start soon to keep our chicks friendly. so I guess our chicks are bout 2 days old, is this too early?
I'm right there with you wayneh. I know they need grit, either chick grit, sand, or the stuff from the bottom of a regular grit bag. I'm ready when they are.

When would they be ready for bread crusts?
I've had chickens for almost 2yrs now, but still consider myself a newbie compared to many of the other folks on here. We have raised 2 batches of little fuzzy butts and never lost one so I guess we haven't done too bad. I am a worrier, so I never give mine any treats until at least the second week and then, it is just a little something like ground oatmeal sprinkled on top of their chick food or fed from the hand. We handled ours a lot - and I mean a lot, which I think makes them friendler. I don't think I would feed bread untile they are older and then not much since it doesn't offer much nutrition. And yes, once they are eating treats, don't forget the grit.

Good luck, and wlecome to the wonderful world of chickens.
I give my chicks treats as soon as they are eating grit. I put my chicks outside just last week to enjoy the sunshine, and since they ate plenty of dirt/grit, I gave them some mealworms. It was so cute to see 3-day-old chicks discover the joy of mealworms! I figure as long as they are eating dirt and grit, they can handle it. My broody and chicks eat whatever they find from day #1.
Our chicks are from TSC and 2 other feed stores, all just a few days old. We are already giving them mealworms - they love them! My son hand feeds them, one will take it and the others chase it down.

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